Look Wider

What is Look Wider?

Look Wider is all about giving you a framework so you can identify your goals – and realise them.  Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to develop skills that will not just help you now, but that’ll help you throughout your life.

Look Wider is a flexible programme organised under eight key areas called Octants, each with a range of challenges.  There is no preset model: you can work on your own, with someone else or in a unit.


The Look Wider programme is divided into eight octants covering the following areas:

• Community Action – Action for others

• Creativity – Create your dreams

• Fit for Life – Health and happiness

• Independent Living – Right moves for you

• International – World vision

• Leadership – Lead the way

• Out of Doors – Get out and have fun

• Personal Values – You are who you are


There are two types of awards you can gain within the Look Wider programme.

Octant certificates:  These are gained for completing phases 1, 2 and 3 of a specific octant. There is one available for each of the eight octants as seen below.

Chief Guide’s Challenge

This is awarded for completion of phases 1 and 2 of all the octants. This is a certificate and a metal badge which can be worn on your badge tab. It is up to you how, where and by whom you want this to be presented. Some ideas include being presented with the award during a residential event, at a County event, undertaking an adventurous activity, or simply at your unit meeting. It’s your award, so you get to choose!


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