Baden-Powell Challenge

baden powell

The Baden-Powell Challenge Award is the highest award a Guide can achieve. To start the Baden-Powell Challenge you need to have:

  • made your Promise
  • gained at least two Guide Challenge Badges
  • gained at least two interest badges.

This shows your commitment to guiding.

The Baden-Powell Challenge is divided into five zones, each containing lots of different clauses. You need to complete ten clauses in total. You should do one from each zone, then five more. These can come from any of the zones. Up to two of them can relate to Country/Region or Girlguiding UK initiatives.

To finish the Award you need to take part in a Baden-Powell Adventure. These are usually residential events organised by your County or Country/Region for all Guides in the area who are doing the Baden-Powell Challenge.

You will find more information about the Baden-Powell Challenge in your G file.

  • Zone 1: Healthy lifestyles 

Aim: To encourage Guides to lead a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Zone 2: Global awareness

Aim: To increase awareness of global issues and of the contribution each Guide can make.

  • Zone 3: Discovery

Aim: To challenge Guides with new experiences and adventure.

  • Zone 4: Skills and relationships

Aim: To develop Guides’ self-confidence and self-worth and to improve their interpersonal and life skills.

  • Zone 5: Celebrating diversity

Aim: To promote active citizenship among Guides, developing their awareness of rights and responsibilities for all.

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