Adult Leadership Qualification (ALQ)

leadershipqualificationThis qualification supports you to lead Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or Ranger units. You need to be over 16 to start work on the qualification, although you can’t hold a warrant until you are 18.

As a Unit Leader you learn and develop skills on the job and through formal and informal training sessions. You are also supported by a Mentor, who will be an experienced Leader.

What does it involve?

There are four modules, completed practically rather than through tests or examinations. They can be completed, and in any order:

  • Module 1. Your role in the programme
  • Module 2. Your role in Girlguiding UK
  • Module 3. Your role in safety and unit administration
    Safety is covered by showing you can effectively communicate with parents and the local community, and that the unit’s programme is carried out in a safe environment. Unit administration refers to your responsibility for unit funds.
  • Module 4. Your role in managing the unit
    This is optional for Assistant Leaders but mandatory for Unit Leaders. Good unit management is measured here by maintaining effective record-keeping systems and ensuring that effective communication takes place locally.

Girlguiding Being a Leader e-learning modules are aimed at members who are interested in becoming a Leader, or for experienced Leaders that would like a refresher!

If you are a Leader-in-Training, these modules will count towards the following two elements in module one of your Leadership Qualification:

  • part 1, element 1c – review the programme to check that the Five Essentials are being put into practice. If they are not, discuss with your Mentor how this can be changed
  • part 1, element 2f – attend a training session appropriate to your unit’s relevant section programme.

Achieving the Leadership Qualification

  • You need to gather evidence to gain the qualification e.g programme schedules, letters to parents, records of discussions had with your Mentor and so on. This could include details of what worked and what didn’t, and what you might change in the future.
  • Your Mentor will sign off the completed modules. Any member, from a Young Leader or Unit Helper to the girls in your unit, can sign off the different parts of a module if they see you perform the requirement.
  • Throughout the qualification any relevant prior knowledge, skill or experience will be accredited, including any work on the Young Leader Qualification.


When your Mentor has signed off all the modules required, your workbook and any evidence will be sent to the person appointed by the County to ensure the Mentor has met a common standard. This is not a check on you – it’s to ensure your Mentor has helped you in the most appropriate way.

At your final meeting with your Mentor, your Commissioner may also be present. Together you will complete a Warrant/Appointment Card application (W/W & A) form to apply for your Leader’s Warrant Card, your Leadership Qualification Certificate and, if appropriate, your Unit Appointment Card.

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