Chief Guide’s Challenge


The Chief Guide’s Challenge is the second highest award that members can work towards in guiding. It’s open to all members aged 14-25.

What is involved?

This award is for completion of phases 1 and 2 from all 8 octants of the Look Wider scheme.

  • Phase 1 gives you the opportunity to try three new activities. These can be completely new things or can expand on elements of an existing skill or hobby.
  • Phase 2 allows you to take things further by doing an activity for a minimum of 12 hours. It can be something you got a taste of in Phase 1 or something entirely different.

You have until your 26th birthday to complete the award.

Achieving the Chief Guide’s Challenge

The whole idea is for you to choose activities of interest to you, and everything must be done in your own leisure time (that is, out of school, college or work hours).

Your Ranger Leader is able to sign off each phase of the eight octants. If you are a Young Leader helping at a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit, your Unit Leader can sign them off as well.

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